Modetipps - Summer Style Mistakes

Today we’ll talk about summer style mistakes that I very often see people make. This couldn’t be timelier seeing as The Summer season is upon us. The month of May is over, June is here and the weather has already begun changing.

You will probably push all your heavy jackets, turtle necks, and heavy scarves deeper into your closet and pull out most of your light dresses, shorts, tank tops etc. But, as you do all that, be mindful about the following.

1. Not carrying a cardigan/sweater/jacket/cover-up

This one is pretty simple actually. Always carry a cover-up, always. What happens if you don’t is that you will enter a restaurant maybe or a building that is air-conditioned and suddenly start freezing.

The weather outside is not always the weather inside most buildings. So, always have a sweater or a jacket, whatever you prefer, carry it along with you.

2. Shorts that are too short!

I have made this mistake before, don’t beat yourself up. What happens is that you walk into a clothing store, spot some beautiful pairs of shorts, you try them on and they feel great, they look great!

You decide to purchase them. You then rock them and go about your day. Once you start actually walking, they start riding and curling up. Suddenly, your bum cheek is showing and you’re revealing too much!

The real bummer is when they’re too short and also too tight. I would advise purchasing a pair that has a bit of an allowance, not too much though. Just make sure they’re long enough with an appropriate allowance.

3. Too much skin

This is in relation to the previous point. Again, I don’t blame you. The temperatures out here can get really hot so you grab a pair of shorts and maybe a tank top that has spaghetti straps or no straps at all. Before you know it, you’re just all skin and there really is no outfit.
That can get really uncomfortable, trust me.

So, instead of that, wear lace or maybe a top that has lace on the neckline, or you can go for off-the-shoulder tops. These and more are great alternatives that I go for myself.

They look great and pretty classy. You don’t need to expose your skin to feel cooler, it’s not good for your skin. Sunburns are real people, right?

4. Bra straps showing through your tank tops

Ladies, no matter what you wear, never ever let your bra strap show. We’ll talk about this in future articles.

When you wear tank tops, make sure to buy the self-adhesive silicone bra pads. They’re great, they hold on to your boobs throughout the day, through sweat and all, without falling off.

Other alternatives are strapless bras, transparent bra straps or boob tape! Boob tape is actually so great especially for bareback dresses and tops that are ideal for hot weather. Try any of the options and let me know how it works out for you.

5. Flip-flops

In my opinion, they’re great for the pool, the beach, short little outings, but not for normal day to day routines. Your feet get so dirty and it’s really not a good sight.

The perfect alternative would be the scandals that have straps that grab and hold on to your feet but still let the air in and allow the feet to breathe. They’re sanitary and they also minimize the chances of your feet getting dirty and (for some of us with sweaty feet), muddy.

Bonus tip:
Make sure to cover your skin with sun screen lotions and creams, whichever brand works for you, do it. I mostly use make up products, like foundation, that already has sunscreen, it has worked so well for me for a very long time, I think three years now.

I hope you liked the tips. If you did, make sure to leave a comment below and also share with your circle of influence.


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